Curriculum Chart

Because of our two-grade band structure, we have the good fortune to teach our students for two consecutive years. Each year of this two-year cycle we focus on a distinct Human Ecology curriculum. The 6/7 curriculum charts demonstrate a detailed outline for the course of study by trimester. As students move through the 6/7 band they are presented with developmentally appropriate tasks that reflect their natural curiosity and their growing skills and abilities. Throughout this process, the students will engage projects designed to be authentic, relevant, social, and active. These projects intentionally elicit student motivation. Sixth and seventh grade students want to see the connections to the real world, be engaged meaningfully, and challenged appropriately.

One year focuses on understanding ancient cultures and their contributions to our modern lives. What impacts did the ancient Greeks, Romans, Indians and Chinese have on the world?

The other year focuses on the importance of self, family structures and US history. We delve into the study of self and how our own stories relate to the broader picture of the history, geography, and philosophy of American families and culture over time. We ask our students to think deliberately about what it means to study their own history and how this fits into the history of our nation.