Colette Evans

Vice Chair

Colette, born and raised in Idaho, is passionate about helping people find internal solutions to life’s challenges. With a Ph.D. in Health Education from the University of Utah, she researched prevention, resiliency in youth, experiential education, stress management, health promotion, and comprehensive school health programs. In 1998, she was awarded a $1.2 million dollar federal grant from the Center of Substance Abuse Prevention to modify, implement, and evaluate a Strengthening Families Project within a Native American Community. Her team successfully obtained additional funding to keep the project running for 10 years. Colette also lived in The Netherlands for seven years where she worked for the Jellinek Clinic in Amsterdam researching world-wide influences on health. In 2005, Colette returned to Idaho with her husband Bas and their two children Tobias and Esmée who both attend The Sage School. Colette loves to spend time skiing and exploring the Idaho mountains with her family. She also volunteers with community organizations that are invested in promoting the well-being of youth and families, such as, serving on the board for The Advocates and a member of the Blaine County Drug Coalition. She continues to travel the world studying with specialists in the U.K. for state-of-the-art practices to bring about lasting change. Colette runs her own consulting business, Inspire. Through Inspire she’s able to reach out to teens, families, and individuals to foster resiliency and inspire peace individually and globally.