Application Process

How to Apply to The Sage School

The Sage School is a unique learning environment. We are looking for families who are interested in becoming mindful partners in a many-year journey through raising adolescents into adults. In order to do that, it is best that we get to know each other during the admissions process- so all of us can choose wisely. We love the fact that we live in a small community that is rich with education choices, and we are proud to offer The Sage Choice among them. We suggest that applicants come to The Sage School to meet with teachers before applying. If you are applying from afar, we can replicate that experience in a zoom meeting. After an initial interview and discussion, the applicant may be invited for a classroom visit, during which they spend a full school day engaging with and getting to know teachers, other students, and the Sage rhythm. These classroom visits allow the applicant to experience a day as a Sage student and allows us to get to know the applicant. During the visit, applicants participate in an informal interview with a member of the staff. During COVID times, sadly, we are not offering visitation days, but hope to add them back into the mix soon.

From application to visitation, the admissions process is designed for us to get to know each applicant, and for each applying family to get to know our approach well. We welcome your interest in Sage.

Checklist for Application Process

  • Reach out to Chris McAvoy, Director of Admissions at 788-0120 or
  • Set up school visit
  • Fill out application
  • Submit grade reports from current school
  • Submit Student and Parent Essays
  • Submit 3 References

Important Dates

  • Virtual Open House – Thursday Jan 27 6pm
  • Applications due – March 1, 2022
  • Deadline to apply for Flexible Tuition Levels – March 1, 2022
  • Notification of admissions decision, along with tuition status – Early April 2022

After the admission deadline passes, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as spaces allow. Midyear admissions are also possible, as space allows. If a class is full, The Sage School will place accepted applicants into a waitpool. Students will be admitted from the waitpool as space allows and in the order committee determines best fits for the school.