College & Beyond Sage

After graduation Sage School alumni enter a world full of possibilities, and our curriculum is intentionally designed (through field studies, community action, authentic assessments, the Human Ecology curriculum, and more) to expose students to the wealth and diversity of ways to spend one’s adult life in productive and fulfilling ways.

The Sage School is staffed by college and graduate degree holders, and we feel strongly that attending and graduating from college is an excellent way to transition into adult life while keeping open the greatest number of possibilities for that life to come. We take seriously our preparation of students for the important tasks of identifying the right colleges or universities for them, gaining admission to those schools, and then succeeding once they arrive there.

Ideally, one cannot distinguish between an engaged, curious, hardworking Sage School student and a highly qualified, unique, and attractive college applicant. Engaging fully and actively with our curriculum is the way to acquire the skills and attributes that colleges are looking for in their students.

The ways a student can actively engage our curriculum, and how this engagement implicitly prepares one for the college search and application process is more thoroughly explored in this booklet: The Approach to Sage.

There is clearly also a role for activities that explicitly prepare students for completing the highest quality college applications they can.The Sage School’s approach to this college preparation is both holistic and targeted. At the holistic level, both colleges and The Sage School seek to attract and retain students who are invested in realizing their full potential as individuals, to collaboratively engage in their learning, and to contribute to their communities. We also target specific benchmarks in college preparation. Students take the PSAT each year from 8th to 11th grade and 11th graders take an ACT/SAT prep class in the spring to prepare for application season. Students go on college tours as 10th or 11th graders to ensure every student gets access to campus visits, and numerous college representatives visit the Sage School campus each fall. Seniors meet weekly with our College Counselor for two hours throughout the fall of their senior year. The needs and desires of each student and family are considered in a collaborative process that sets up students for the next (exciting) chapter of their lives.

The steps involved in preparing for and then completing college applications are detailed in a second booklet from our College Counseling office: The College Playbook.


Although the ranks of Sage alumni are still comparatively small (2020’s graduating class of seven will bring the ranks to a total of 73 alumni since the school’s 2009 opening), we’re excited about what they’re doing out in the world. Most of our alums are currently enrolled in college, some after completing gap year programs like “Where There Be Dragons” or spending time abroad volunteering in places like Ecuador and India, while others have entered the work force. Our alumni are studying across the country, from Maine to Pennsylvania to California and, of course, Idaho. They’re working on degrees including film, engineering, music, mathematics and so many more.

Partial list of colleges and universities to which Sage School students have been accepted