Community Action & Partners

We schedule weekly, during-school community service activities for all band levels. This curricular piece provides the opportunity for the school to play an active role in the community, and for the students to develop meaningful relationships in the community. Working with community groups and organizations allows students to understand who they are through working with and for others. Community Action is project-based, and can vary each week, or be an on-going and in-depth relationship with a specific cause or organization.

Each year of their stay with us, a Sage School student completes a minimum of 60 hours of Community Action within the school schedule and curriculum. Our very first day of school typically has the entire student body engaging in 2 hours of service as a way to build community and demonstrate the importance and value of the work we do. Students also participate in additional projects that supplement their Human Ecology curriculum. Furthermore, Sage students engage in Community Action with regional and international organizations during field studies and as part of their Senior Independent trimester.

We value Community Action as a part of our curriculum. We use the term “action” instead of “service” because it is our hope for our students that they internalize the word’s root and other forms: active, action, actors, activism. We want students to become actors who have a drive, who have an inner impulse, and who are setting things in motion in this world. Actors who are doing and performing- not simply to serve the less fortunate, but for their own perception of quality, and to create patterns in their own desires to interact with the world.

Sage School’s Community Action program includes work with:

The Wood River Foundation/WoW Students
The Hunger Coalition
Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley
Higher Ground
The Advocates
The Environmental Resource Center
Souper Supper
Hospice & Palliative Care of the Wood River Valley
St. Luke’s Hospital
Wood River Ability Program
Idaho Conservation League
Sawtooth Botanical Garden Center