The People

Community Action The Sage School


Our mission is to honor adolescence. Our students, then, are just that- adolescents. Tweens. Teens. Baby Adults. Students on the Cusp of Adulthood. This is their common characteristic. Needless to say, adolescence is not a monolith, but rather a series...READ MORE

Faculty & Staff

The Faculty and Staff of The Sage School come from various backgrounds with different educational histories, and diverse personal interests. Where they converge is in their dedication to adolescence, their collective sense of curiosity, and their desire to keep wonder...READ MORE


At our best, The Sage School becomes an extended family, where Teachers, Students, and Parents are engaged in a long conversation about how best to support our students. Our parents bring great diversity in backgrounds, vocations, and interests to the...READ MORE

The Sage Board

Board of Trustees

The Sage School is governed by a Board of Trustees, charged with the strategic oversight of the school. Below are our current Board members. Anyone interested in learning more about the Board, its committee structure, or how to get involved...READ MORE