The Sage School is a fully accredited member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS). NWAIS is dedicated to guiding our ongoing improvement and advancing independent school education.

NWAIS accreditation provides many benefits:

  • Accreditation provides school leadership with an independent, non-governmental validation that the school they oversee is effectively delivering a quality educational experience to its students
  • Accreditation strengthens and sustains schools, making schools worthy of public confidence while minimizing the scope of external control
  • Accreditation assesses whether or not schools have adequate resources, staffing, leadership, and structures in place to allow for continual improvement
  • Accreditation validates and improves schools through connection with colleagues, and through the peer review process
  • Accreditation encourages collegiality and dialogue that allows schools to learn from each other’s expertise and to share best practices
  • Accreditation eases the transition for students moving from one accredited school to another