6 7 The Otters The Sage School

The Otters
(6th & 7th)

We see the 6/7 band as the Explorers (or Otters), ready to jump in and discover new lessons about the world. They want to get their hands dirty with tangible experience, while still inhabiting an inner world of dragons and magic...READ MORE

8 9 The Wolves The Sage School

The Wolves
(8th & 9th)

Students in the 8th & 9th grade band are known as the “Social Animals” and are represented in our school culture by the wolf, an iconic figure of the inter-mountain West, and like wolves, tend to run in packs and play hard...READ MORE

The Ravens
(10th & 11th)

Communicative, cunning, playful, and adaptable, we call the 10-11 students the Ravens or the Apprentices. At this stage in adolescence, students begin to take on much more responsibility as they enter the adult world...READ MORE

The Owls

The Seniors are about to step into a brave new world. They are emerging as citizens with full voting rights. They are stepping out into the world as adults, with all of the responsibility that entails. They are considering their futures...READ MORE