The Owls (12th)

About The Owls (12th Grade)

The seniors are perched between two worlds. They are currently living the life they have known for 18 years- student, child, athlete, etc. And yet, they are about to leave all of their known world for a new path- one that they have yet to define. They are literally about to begin, perhaps for the first time, leading their own lives- choices of colleges and next steps are imminent. We call the seniors our Owls for the wisdom they are inhabiting and for the wide-eyed flight they are about to undertake. We guide them through the process so that they know that all journeys need good support, so that they know they are not alone, and so they are ready to take the necessary steps for their own growth.

Daily Schedule

One significant change in the senior schedule is that the students are responsible for developing a year-long community service relationship with a non-profit in the valley. That will occur every Monday afternoon for the year. Otherwise, students will move through...READ MORE

Curriculum Chart

Our goal in this final year of Sage is to prepare the students to be Global Citizens. Before we begin our studies in the classroom, the students design and become co-leaders on a wilderness leadership course. As we return to...READ MORE


Teachers of the seniors need to be comfortable with the big picture. They need to help the students make sense out of the global realities, but also out of the college process, and the many choices our students will face...READ MORE

Band Parents

The idea and implementation of Band Parents has been a work in progress at Sage for several years. Band parents are intended to be a resource for new parents, other band parents, and another friendly face in the crowd. They...READ MORE

Student Work

Most of the student work at this level is not the most visual of products. We work on college-ready essays, develop test taking skills, thesis writing skills, and work on their capacities to be ready for college life and beyond....READ MORE

Field Study Overview

Each year, students spend between 20 and 25 days “In the Field” in what we call Field Study. These experiences serve many roles: to ground the year academically, to immerse the students in special areas of focus, and to build...READ MORE