Curriculum Chart

Our goal in this final year of Sage is to prepare the students to be Global Citizens. Before we begin our studies in the classroom, the students design and become co-leaders on a wilderness leadership course. As we return to the classroom, we look at global perspectives on how we come to know the world- from a comparative philosophy class to the different permutations of scientific understandings of the world. The students will begin to see the larger trends and ideas that undergird us. During this trimester, the students also work on constructing their own meaning-making through weekly essays. This prepares their understandings, but also prepares their writing skills for college classes ahead.

During the second trimester, students choose global issues to study. These are presented from different historical and scientific perspectives in order to expand the students’ views. This trimester will also give them practice in a typical college course format, with the evaluations being a mid-term and final exam.

The third trimester is spent living out a study of the student’s own planning and design. They conduct a 4 week research project that culminates in a 10 page thesis paper, and then design a 4-5 week field study to pursue their topic further. Students defend their theses and then present their trimester-long study to the entire community, rounding out a set of college-ready, as well as world-ready, skills.

All of this culminates with a final Field Study where the students are immersed in Ecuador for two weeks. They do a homestay and then engage in cultural activities designed to deeply get to know a people and a culture. They come back wiser and ready for the new adventures ahead.

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