Student Work

2020-21 Academic Year

American Identity – Mock Election Project

The students started their exploration of American Identity by learning the structure of the United States government, understanding the roles of each branch, and how the balance of power structure works to hold one branch from accumulating too much power over the others.

We then dove into a modified version of our Mock Presidential campaign. Students were grouped into four political parties (Republican, Democrat, Green, and Libertarian) and then individuals tasked with representing their adopted parties stance on a variety of different issues Climate Change, Social Justice, Economy, Health Care, and Foreign Policy.

Press Release

For the first assignment, students were given a leading question for each of the five main issues and tasked with writing a press release highlighting their parties’ responses. Click on the links below to read the different responses.

Climate Change – Does your candidate support rejoining the Paris Climate Agreements? Why or why not?


Social Justice – Does your candidate support reallocating funds from policing towards other social programs? Why or why not?


Economy – The 2020 recession is one of the worst in America’s history. What would your candidate do to encourage economic recovery and promote job growth?


Health Care – Should your candidate be elected to the office of the President, what are the first steps they would undertake to respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic?


Foreign Policy – The Department of Defense officially acknowledges that the US is engaged in warfighting efforts in seven different countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen). Many of these military engagements have been lengthy, expensive, and not definitely effective. What is your candidate’s stance on these long-term military interventions?


Campaign Flyers

Moving from the written format of a Press Release, students were tasked with creating a campaign flyer that informed voters about their parties stance on the primary issues using one or combination of Aristotle’s “modes of persuasion:”
Ethos – Credibility and Trust
Pathos – Emotion, empathy and values
Logos – Logic and proof

Republican Party Flyers

Climate Change 1Climate Change 2
Social Justice 1Social Justice 2
Foreign Policy 1Foreign Policy 2

Libertarian Party Flyers

Climate Change
Social Justice 1Social Justice 2
Health Care
Foreign Policy 1Foreign Policy 2

Green Party Flyers

Climate Change
Economy 1Economy 2
Health Care
Foreign Policy

Democratic Party Flyers

Climate Change 1Clmate Change 2
Social Justice 1Social Justice 2
Economy 1Economy 2
Health Care 1Health Care 2
Foreign Policy 1Foreign Policy 2

Political Advertisement

– A final, but important assignment was the development of a political campaign ad based around the students’ area of focus. The students were again tasked with using one or combination of the Ethos, Pathos, Logos modes of persuasion. Here is a selection of videos from each party.

Republican – Economics

Republican – Foreign Policy

Lib – Health Care

Lib – Foreign Policy

Green – Economy

Green – Health Care

Dem – Foreign Policy

Dem – Health Care

2019-20 Academic Year

Agriculture in Idaho Podcast Project Description


  1. Students will create a compelling podcast that tells a story about agriculture in Idaho.

  2. Students will understand how the industrial agricultural system shapes the economic, social, and/or environmental character of Idaho.

  3. Students will continue to consult local experts to better understand agriculture in Idaho.

  4. Students will effectively educate our community about some aspect of agriculture in Idaho.

Project Description:

In order to feed ourselves, humans must interact within their natural, social, and built environments. This fall, students created a podcast that examined an aspect of Idaho agriculture. They investigated their topic with a partner through research, interviews, and other explorations. They produced a podcast that investigated how their topic fit into the agricultural system of Idaho, the United States and potentially the entire world. Titles and podcasts are below.

“BS: Idaho’s Poop Problem” -Penelope & Zane

“Food Labels: Perception Versus Reality” -Lila & Ryan

“H2A: Who, What, Where, When, Why” – Marcella & George

“The Locavore’s Advantage” -Elena & Liam

“On the Range: Pros & Cons of Grazing on Public Lands” Deke & Maddie

“The Future Farmer” -Skylar & L.C.
“Dairy Queens: The Diary Industry in Idaho” -Wyatt
“Got Energy? Agriculture Electrified” -Preston & Willa
“NexGen Farmer” -Aidan & Nora
“What’s the Buzz: A Pollinator Podcast” -Tayah & Grace
“The Idaho Potato” – Maddox