Student Work

This page features the current and just-completed projects going on in the 8/9 band.


Our December 2019 project is a dog hybrid poster or model. Please see the photo (above) of a former 9th grade student presenting her hybrid dog poster. Want to know more? Here’s a description of the project:

We’ve learned that all modern dog are descended from an ancient wolf, and that humans have been living with and domesticating dogs for at least 14,000 years and perhaps as long as 30,000 years! Humans have found many uses for their canine companions, and the multitude of dog breeds we know today is a result of generations of genetic tinkering. In this first project of the Winter Trimester, your task is to create a new hybrid dog with behavioral and physical traits that reflect you. In addition to understanding the connection between wolves, dogs, and humans, this project is also a chance for self-reflection and for building self-awareness. For each trait, you will identify the breed(s) in which it is found and explain why selected for this trait in the breeding of this type of dog. Sometimes you will find a clear and direct answer to this “why?” question, while other times you’ll need to infer an answer based on your research and conversations with peers and teachers.

FALL 2019

Our culminating project for the fall 2019 trimester was a debate on whether to remove or keep the four federally-owned dams on the lower Snake River in southeast Washington state. This was the capstone event to a trimester that included field studies focused on dams, salmon ecology, forests, and rivers systems; the creation of an extensive large-format Northwest Regional Map, and a river ecosystem mural.

Check out these photos of 8/9 students preparing for our dam debate!