Parent Resources

The Sage Parents Association (SPA) cultivates an inclusive community of Sage School parents that works toward the healthy growth and development of the school and its students.

SPA goals are:

  1. To progress the Vision, Mission, and Philosophy of The Sage School
  2. To create an open and inclusive community for parents
  3. To facilitate communication between parents, board, and staff.
  4. To create and support informational, volunteer, and fundraising efforts and events.
  5. To facilitate connections between the school and the broader community.

Please click through the below links to explore our SPA resources.

SPA Calendar

Like many schools, we seek to balance the tensions of having parents feel informed and engaged without feeling overwhelmed by obligations. READ MORE


The Sage Parents Association has created a bookclub that meets three times per year. READ MORE

Our Work at The Sage School


Annual registration forms for new and returning students, lunch program payment forms, and other forms and waivers that crop up throughout the year. READ MORE