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  • Assumption of Risk & Agreements of Release and Indemnity

    Please read this document carefully. It must be signed by all students and their parents or guardians.

    We understand that The Sage School offers a variety of programs which include, among others, off-campus field trips and programs; trips to and participation in sporting events; trips and outings to outdoor attractions, historic sites, museums, libraries, and other points of interest; walking on city streets and paths; working with hand and power tools in the school, garden, and community; working with non-profit organizations and their employees, volunteers, and customers; hiking and backpacking through mountainous and other terrain; camping; rock climbing; rafting, canoeing, and kayaking; cycling on city streets and mountain biking; snowshoeing, cross-country, skate and alpine skiing; snowboarding; fishing; and the transportation to and from these activities, which could occur both within and outside Idaho.

    We understand that the activities are an integral part of the education at The Sage School. We have voluntarily requested that the student participate, and acknowledge that the student is capable of participating, in all events and activities, without limitation, related to The Sage School’s curriculum and educational program.

    We further understand and acknowledge that these activities have risks, including certain risks that are inherent. Inherent risks are those that cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the activities. The following list describes some, but not all, of the risks of these activities: traveling in remote locations which may be many days from medical facilities, dangers due to forces of nature (including, but not limited to, avalanche, lightning, fire, inclement weather, exposure, flooding, rock fall, insects, snakes, predators, falling timber, fast moving, deep, or cold water) equipment failure or malfunction, burns, cuts, sprains, strains, dehydration, injury from falling ice or snow, altitude sickness, hypothermia, injury or illness from camp food, water-borne illness, plant-related problems, injury from gas stoves or open fires, drowning, becoming lost, allergies, transportation accidents, exposure to coronavirus and/or COVID-19 and others. We also understand that this list is incomplete and these and other unknown or unanticipated risks, inherent and otherwise, may result in injury or death.

    Decisions made by The Sage School staff, including volunteers, board members, contractors, and students, during such activities will be based on a variety of perceptions and evaluations, which by their nature are imprecise and subject to errors in judgment. Misjudgments may pertain to, among other things, a student’s capabilities, environment, terrain, water and weather conditions, natural hazards, routes, and medical conditions.

    The Sage School may, from time to time, use the services of private bonded or insured contractors for certain tasks, including, for example, transportation. The Sage School is not responsible for the acts or omissions of such contractors.

    Acknowledgement and Assumption of Inherent and Other Risks

    We understand and acknowledge that the description above of the inherent risks of The Sage School activities is not complete and that other, including unknown or unanticipated, risks, inherent and otherwise, may result in property loss, injury, illness or death. We acknowledge that the student’s participation in the school is purely voluntary and is by our request. We wish that the student participate in The Sage School program and all of its activities, without limitation, in spite of and with knowledge of the inherent and other risks involved. We further acknowledge that the student is fully capable of participating in The Sage School program and all of its activities, without limitation. We understand that engaging in any activity may require a degree of skill and knowledge which the student may not possess and that the student has responsibilities to listen to any instructions, warnings, and risk assessments of The Sage School and its representatives, to ask for instruction or clarification whenever needed and to follow instruction. We understand that The Sage School may remove the student from activities for any breach of safety polices or any conduct that The Sage School or its representatives deem to be unsafe. We hereby acknowledge and expressly assume ALL risks of the student enrolling in and participating in The Sage School program, inherent or otherwise, and whether or not described above.

    Agreements of Release and Indemnity

    We hereby release, hold harmless, and indemnify The Sage School and its officers, Board of Directors, agents and staff including employees, and volunteers from any legal claims, damages, liabilities and costs of any nature whatsoever (including without limitations, attorney’s fees and costs) incurred by The Sage School and its representatives arising in whole or part from the student’s participation in any activity of The Sage School. These agreements of Release and Indemnity include claims of negligence of its officers, Board of Directors, agents and staff including employees, and volunteers but not of gross negligence or intentionally wrongful conduct of The Sage School.

    Other Provisions

    We have verified with our physician that the student has no current or past physical, psychological, or emotional condition that might affect the student’s participation in the program, other than described on the Medical History Form. The medical information disclosed is accurate and all pertinent medical conditions have been disclosed. We understand that the student being allowed to participate is no guarantee that The Sage School staff will be able to manage successfully a medical event or emergency related to a disclosed, or undisclosed, medical condition. The responsibility for determining a student’s suitability for participation is not The Sage School’s, but rather the parent or parents’ guided by a physician.

    If, at any time, The Sage School staff believes a student is unable to participate in an activity, the decision of The Sage School staff is binding.

    The Sage School is authorized to obtain and provide emergency medical care including hospitalization for the student. We understand that situations may arise in which third-party medical care is not available and which require The Sage School staff to provide first aid and possibly more advanced procedures. Any third-party medical care provider is authorized to exchange pertinent medical information with The Sage School. Costs reasonably associated with medical services, including evacuation, shall be borne by the parent or parents.

    We agree to be responsible for any damage the student may cause to The Sage School facilities, gear, or facilities it is using to fulfill its programmatic goals. The Sage School is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to a student’s personal belongings.

    We agree that The Sage School may use the student’s name and photo or other image in promotional materials and press releases.

    If any part of this agreement is found by a court or other appropriate authority to be invalid, the remainder of the agreement nevertheless will be in full force and effect.

    The student and the parent(s) or guardians (signed below) confirm that they have read this document thoroughly, understand and voluntarily agree to its terms, which shall be binding upon them, their heirs, estates, executors and administrators. We have had full opportunity to have its contents explained to us by legal counsel of our choice and are aware we are releasing certain legal rights we may otherwise have. We sign this Assumption of Risk and Agreements of Release and Indemnity of our own free will, with full authority to do so on behalf of ourselves and the student.


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