SPA Calendar

Like many schools, we seek to balance the tensions of having parents feel informed and engaged without feeling overwhelmed by obligations. We try to be cognizant of not scheduling more than 1 Sage School event in any given week. However, our community is still important, and tending to what we do to build and nurture that community is important. We offer the following structure as a way to ‘balance’ all of the tasks we juggle each year.

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Field Studies Evening Back To School Night PA Meeting, with Education Topic Parent Fun/Social Event Book Club hosted by 10/11
Jan Feb Mar Apr May
PA Meeting with Education Topic Parent Fun/Social Event Book Club hosted by 8/9 PA Meeting with Education Topic (Board Presentation) Book Club hosted by 6/7

The calendar seeks to create time and space for the following sorts of events:

  1. Business Items: Back to School, Field Studies night, perhaps a few others during the year.
  2. PA Meetings: These are open to all parents, held at the school from 6-7:30. They start with a “pulse of the parents” introduction question to dialogue issues going on in our lives as parents of teens. Each PA Meeting has an educational topic/speaker, so you can just come and listen if you like. Previous topics include sex ed, bullying prevention, substance abuse prevention, parenting expertise, etc.
  3. Fun/Social Events: We schedule a few social events during the year to get to know each other.
  4. Book Club: Each band hosts a book club- all ages may come- but that focuses on some key issues going on at that age. Typically held at a parent’s house, in a more casual setting. Reading encouraged, but not necessary. Sharing of a glass of wine encouraged, but not necessary.

There are many ways for current parents to get involved. The SPA has active committees which meet in between the larger Parents Association meetings during the year. Our FUNraising committee plans school-wide events, such as our all-school ski day or our winter carnival, and also plans a few parent social get-togethers throughout the year. There are outreach opportunities for parents to help establish a presence and volunteer in the valley- events such as hosting a booth at the Trailing of the Sheep. Certain parents have volunteered to be Band Parents, which help communicate all of this information to their fellow band-parents, and help new parents understand the context of Sage.

All of this involvement is wonderful and appreciated, however, we also want to make sure that we are a space for parents to get involved at any level- from heading a committee to just showing up to a few meetings a year. All levels of participation are welcome.