Frequently Asked Questions About The Sage School

How do I apply for tuition assistance/financial aid?
We use a 3rd party online service, School & Student Services (SSS). All of your information (include tax forms and other data) must be submitted online at http://sssbynais.org/parents by the tuition determination deadline to be considered. The Sage School’s SSS code, necessary to submit the information, is 146378.
In order for me to attend Sage, I am unable to pay any tuition. Is this possible?
Every family pays some tuition, with our average annual tuition assistance covering around 50% of full tuition.
Does everyone qualify for flexibility?
The Sage School is committed to making the school as open to as many families as we reasonably can. That means, on our end, we have sought to keep tuition low, we have sought to keep overhead low, and we have worked to develop a significant portion of our budget towards accessibility. However, there are often more needs than we can reasonably meet. Every year, the Tuition Committee (made up of the Head of School, the Head of Admissions, and other staff members) will review all of the applications and seek to balance the demands with the supply. SSS may determine that some applicants cannot demonstrate adequate need for flexibility. We, therefore, cannot guarantee support to every applicant.
Will the tuition I pay remain the same every year?
No. Families must update their financial information every year (unless they are paying the upper end). Family situations change every year, as does the school’s economic profile. Every year, a new calculation will be created for each family.
How will I be notified of my tuition?
The school will send each family a letter in April or May notifying them of their tuition.