“Your schedule is your mission.” At The Sage School, we structure each element of our schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly) to meet our mission of honoring adolescents. What does this look like?


Our students have community meeting, engage in skills blocks in Math, Spanish, and Writing, do deep project work in Human Ecology, and take part in Wellness.


Each student spends at least two hours in Community Action, and another two hours in Creativity Workshop or Independent Study.

Monthly and Yearly

Our students spend 20-25 days in the Field, do work with a variety of community organizations and partners, and explore overarching themes that range from Understanding the Ancients, to Understanding Ecological Systems, to Understanding the Global System.

While our weekly schedule highlights where and how students spend their time, the full richness of the curriculum unfolds over the years each student spends at school. To see examples of weekly schedules, visit the ‘Bands’ section of ‘Current Families & What’s Happening’.)