Applying to The Sage School

The Sage School has a unique mission:

We honor adolescence as a critical developmental window for learning essential academic, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

The Sage School creates a thriving environment for students through a challenging, authentic curriculum centered on human ecology and engaging experiences designed specifically to promote self-awareness, community responsibility, and a sense of place.

We work hard to make this mission the center of our students’ educational experience. Our approach to learning is unique. We focus on growth, not grades. We value multiple ways of knowing the world and oneself. We intentionally do not require any standardized testing for admission, as we are curious to know about the whole student who is applying. Our application requires the parents and students to reflect meaningfully on their desires and goals for education. As such, The Sage School admission committee is looking for families and students who are interested and able to live within a community that is centered on this mission.

If you are interested in learning more about how we fulfill that mission, we welcome your inquiries throughout the year. You may call or email to discuss The Sage School, and you will find we are glad to talk about what our school has to offer. We always offer rolling admissions if space is available in any class. We welcome visitors during the year and applications for the following year are typically due in early March (see below for specific dates).

We suggest, as much as it is reasonably possible, that applicants come to The Sage School to meet with teachers before applying. After an initial interview, the applicant may be invited for a classroom visit, during which they spend a full school day engaging with and getting to know teachers, other students, and the Sage rhythm. These classroom visits give the applicant an opportunity to fully participate in and experience a day in the life of a Sage student. It also allows us to get to know the applicant on both personal and academic levels. During the visit, applicants participate in an informal interview with a member of the staff.

The process- from the application to the visitation- is designed for us to get to know each applicant well, and for you to get to know our approach well, in order to find the best fits for our school. We welcome your interest in Sage.

Checklist for Application Process

  • Call/email Director of Admission, set up interview
  • Set up school visit
  • Fill out application
  • Submit grade reports from current school
  • Submit Student and Parent Essays
  • Submit 3 References

Important Dates

  • Virtual Open House – January 26, 202, time TBD – please register here to join us
  • Applications due – March 1, 2021
  • Deadline to apply for Flexible Tuition Levels – March 1, 2021
  • Notification of admissions decision, along with tuition status – first week of April

After the admission deadline passes, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as spaces allow. Midyear admissions are also possible, as space allows. If a class is full, The Sage School will place accepted applicants into a waitpool. Students will be admitted from the waitpool as space allows and in the order committee determines best fits for the school.