Community Partners

Engagement with community-minded organizations, groups, and individuals is a natural part of The Sage School experience. We see the relationships between The Sage School and our community partners as a give and take. The Wood River Valley has much to offer our students in terms of local expertise, wellness, and field studies, as well as other resources. We offer back over 6,000 hours of work to the community each year. Those hours come in the form of helping each organization extend its reach. The Sage School most directly and most regularly engages with our community partners through our Community Action Program, which you can read more about under the curriculum section of the website. However, we regularly bring local experts into the classroom through our Human Ecology projects, Creativity Workshops, Independent Studies, Senior Independent Trimester Projects, and Field Studies. We also consistently work with local experts on wellness to better serve our students. The following list is only a sample of the types of business, government, and non-profit organizations we have developed relationships with.

Local expertise:

Bureau of Reclamation
Center for the Arts
Community Library
Crisis Hotline
Hunger Coalition
Idaho Bird Observatory
Idaho Conservation League
Idaho Fish and Game
Idaho Rivers United
Idaho’s Bounty
Lava Lake Lamb
Living with Wolves
Local architects
Local chefs
Local farmers
National Forest Service
Planned Parenthood
Sawtooth National Recreation Area
Sawtooth Society
The Advocates
The Drug Coalition
The Sustainability Center

Local Wellness Partners:

Blaine County Recreation District
Blaine County School District
Campion Ice House
Flight Archery
Flourish Foundation
Sawtooth Martial Arts
Spirit n Motion
Sun Valley Company