Human Ecology

Human Ecology, is the interdisciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments. Quite simply, Human Ecology is the core of our academic program. It occupies the largest amount of time our students have on their schedule. When we combine the daily time spent with...READ MORE

The 7 Tasks of Adolescence

The Sage School’s curriculum is designed to use the best knowledge and resources of our times- from our understandings of science and the social sciences- in order to help students explore their own journey from the edge of adolescence (6th grade) to the edge of adulthood (12th grade). The 7...READ MORE

Skills Blocks

While Human Ecology is the core of our student’s daily schedule, they spend the majority of the rest of their school day in Skills Courses. The students move through a Math Course, a Spanish Course, and a Writing and Literacy Course each day. At The Sage School, we approach these...READ MORE

Grade/Band Level Curriculum

The Sage School’s approach to curriculum development starts with the journey of adolescence itself. We believe that adolescents are engaged in a grand task- the task of identity formation itself. This is a period in one’s development where, in a handful of years, one transitions from being under the careful...READ MORE

Field Studies

Each year, students at The Sage School spend five full weeks immersed in experiences designed to meet the objectives of The Seven Tasks of Adolescence. This means that if a student completes the entire 6-12 Field Study program at Sage, they will have spent roughly one full academic year spent...READ MORE

Community Action

We schedule weekly, during-school community service activities for all band levels. This curricular piece provides the opportunity for the school to play an active role in the community, and for the students to develop meaningful relationships in the community. Working with community groups and organizations allows students to understand who...READ MORE

Creativity Workshop + IS

Every Friday afternoon, students engage in either an activity that has taken on the name ‘Creativity Workshop’ or an independent study of their own design. The Creativity Workshop concept was developed to provide an opportunity for students to explore and cultivate their creative interests or to learn and develop other...READ MORE


“Wellness” is the daily 45 minutes all students spend playing outside. The goals of the Wellness program are threefold: and These objectives are what make Wellness an indispensable part of the daily curriculum and what distinguish Wellness from recess and from PE. It is only in the past 100-150 years...READ MORE

We honor adolescence as a critical developmental window for learning essential academic, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. The curriculum is designed around the journey of adolescence to best serve these goals.