Our Future

The Sage School Future Quigley


The Sage School is moving to Quigley- a 1,500 acre canyon and neighborhood designed to be a community based on education, conservation, recreation, and wellness. The Sage School’s campus will serve its students, and also be an integral part of...READ MORE

People & Programs

The core of our Development Work is to ensure that our students, staff, and programs have as much stability, flexibility, and adaptability as possible. Our major work is in three areas: At The Sage School, we believe this education should...READ MORE

Philanthropy & Giving

The Sage School is founded on many ideas: that adolescence is a critical development time, that how we teach our kids determines the fate of the world, that schools should be integrated and integral to communities, and that we need...READ MORE

The Sage School is envisioned as an active partner in maintaining and embodying what we love about this valley and why we live here. Achieving our goals is about appreciating our children, and genuinely recognizing that how they grow up and how they are educated will determine the fate of the world. Achieving our goals is also about bringing this energy and spirit to a community wanting to create the future it desires.

In our vision of the future, The Sage School is a space that truly honors adolescents and that is also a model of a thriving community. We are currently working to move the school to Quigley Canyon, and to build a development foundation that will support our People & Programs to create stability, flexibility, adaptability, and opportunity.

It has taken a lot of work and many people to get The Sage School to where it is. We know that getting to where we are going will also take many people. As these projects are active, we encourage anyone who wants to learn more or to otherwise be involved to contact Harry and Nate at the school.