Parents Association

The Sage Parents Association (SPA) is designed to cultivate an inclusive community of Sage School parents that works towards the healthy growth and development of the school and its students.

To this end, the goals of the SPA are as follows:

  1. To progress the Vision, Mission, and Philosophy of The Sage School;
  2. To create an open and inclusive community for parents;
  3. To facilitate communication between parents, board, and staff;
  4. To create and support informational, volunteer, and fundraising efforts and events;
  5. To facilitate connections between the school and the broader community.

The Parents Association meets about every 6 weeks during the school year. During the meetings, we have ‘business reports’ from the various committees, from the teachers, and from the board. That is followed by a 30-45 minute ‘education topic for us as parents to learn from and discuss. We have had speakers on college admissions, cyberbullying, our Spanish program (OWL), mindfulness, teenage drug and alcohol use, healthy relationships, and tips for communicating with teens, among others. The meetings are always open to any current Sage parent. They are a good way to stay involved, stay informed, and stay connected.

The SPA also has 3 active committees which meet in between the larger Parents Association meetings during the year: the Pulse of the Parents, FUNraisers, and Fundraisers. Our Pulse of the Parents Committee discusses any issues that are of concern to the parents, but it also chooses topics for our education portion of each SPA meeting and structures our bookclub. The bookclub, a subset of the Pulse committee, is open to all parents and meets 3 times a year to review books about adolescents. Our FUNraising committee plans school-wide events, such as our all-school ski day or our winter carnival, and also plans a few parent social get-togethers throughout the year. Our fundraisers manage a few events to cover the financial gap between what tuition covers and what the school actually costs to run. We have typically run a raffle, an annual fund, and are building traditions for an annual fundraising event.

Parents can get involved in the Parents Association on many levels. From heading a committee to just showing up to a few meetings a year, all levels of participation are welcome. Contact the office for more information on who is running each committee and how to get involved.

The following visual representation was designed to demonstrate the structure of the SPA.

Sage Parent Association Organizational Structure


Each ‘petal’ of the flower represents a working committee that will meet throughout the year in order to get it’s tasks done. Each one of these committees will have a head or co-heads of the committee that will coordinate meeting times, locations, and agendas for that group. The heads of the committees will also meet as part of the Leadership Team, which will set the agendas and run the full Parent Association meetings. We have set dates for the full Parent Association group to meet every 6 weeks throughout the year. The smaller committees should meet in bewteen those times, and the Leadership Team will meet at least 2 days prior ro the full Parent Meeting to report and review progress since the last meeting, define upcoming needs, and set the agenda for the coming meeting.