6th and 7th Grade students

The 6th and 7th grades represent the transition from childhood to adolescence. This is a dynamic and flexible age in which students might sit down and color one minute, and turn around and engage in an intellectual debate the next. Students’ critical thinking skills are maturing as they move from...READ MORE

8th and 9th Grade students

Students in the 8th & 9th grade band are known as the “Social Animals” and are represented in our school culture by the wolf, an iconic figure of the inter-mountain West, and like wolves, tend to run in packs and play hard. The 8/9 band is the fulcrum of our...READ MORE

10th and 11th Grade students

We call this age group our Local Apprentices. At this later stage of adolescence, students are truly beginning to grow into their abilities. These older students suddenly take on much more responsibility in their lives–they become legal to drive and hold a job, they might play a sport and have...READ MORE

12th Grade students

The Seniors are about to step into a brave new world. They are emerging as citizens with full voting rights. They are stepping out into the world as adults, with all of the responsibility that entails. They are considering their futures. Where should I go to college? Should I go...READ MORE

Student Work

An essential part of any school is the work students produce. Be it an architectural masterpiece model of the Acropolis, a 1960’s cultural timeline exhibit for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, a Civil Rights Documentary for National History Day or baking 300 pies for the Hunger Coalition, Sage...READ MORE


Upon graduating, Sage School alumni enter a world full of possibilities, and our curriculum is intentionally designed (through field studies, community action, authentic assessment, and more) to expose students to the wealth and diversity of ways to spend one’s adult life in productive and fulfilling ways. The Sage School is...READ MORE


Although the ranks of Sage alumni are still comparatively small (2015’s graduating class of eight swelled the ranks to a total of 23 alumni since the school’s 2009 opening- and 2016 will be our biggest class yet), we’re excited about what they’re doing out in the world. Most of our...READ MORE