10th and 11th Grade students

The Apprentice

We call this age group our Local Apprentices. At this later stage of adolescence, students are truly beginning to grow into their abilities. These older students suddenly take on much more responsibility in their lives–they become legal to drive and hold a job, they might play a sport and have to perform in front of a large crowd every weekend, or maybe they dance and need to nail their choreography for the annual performance. Their lens on life starts to shift towards being an active member of adult society.

At this age students are continuing to learn how to balance the increasing pressures, demands, and expectations that the adult world is meeting them with. To this end we cultivate a curriculum that meets these students where they are. We push them to employ systems thinking principles that can better help them understand the American Systems and the Modern Systems that dictate the day to day world that most of us live and work within. These facets all add up to us calling this developmental age at The Sage School being the Local Apprentices. The student are transitioning back to looking at the world around them and as noted above have real and authentic aspects of their lives that are tethered in the adult world around them.