12th Grade students

The Global Citizen

The Seniors are about to step into a brave new world. They are emerging as citizens with full voting rights. They are stepping out into the world as adults, with all of the responsibility that entails. They are considering their futures. Where should I go to college? Should I go to college? How do I get into college? What career might I really be interested in? Where might I want to live? Am I ready to go out on my own? After their journey at Sage, they should know themselves, their community, and their current sense of place. All of this work should serve as a solid base to grow from and also better explore their future possibilities.

We want to assist them in this powerful quest for self, future identity, and life path. We call them our ‘owls’ for the wisdom they are seeking and attaining. Our curriculum has them looking at the world’s wisdom from an historical and scientific perspective, and diving into contemporary issues from elections to our wars in the Middle East. They will range from ancient wisdom to modern conflicts in order to develop their own stances, viewpoints, and personal philosophies.

Seniors will culminate their experience at The Sage School by designing and running an entirely Independent Trimester (the I. Tri). They will design a four week on-campus research project and a four to six week field study component that will demonstrate understanding of human ecology and will connect their interests to the larger school mission. After successful completion of this major task, students engage their final field study- a cultural immersion in Ecuador. Students will spend 2 weeks doing a home stay with a local family as well as conducting community service, learning about local culture, and understanding what the term Global Citizen really means.