Student Work

An essential part of any school is the work students produce. Be it an architectural masterpiece model of the Acropolis, a 1960’s cultural timeline exhibit for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, a Civil Rights Documentary for National History Day or baking 300 pies for the Hunger Coalition, Sage students are immersed in fulfilling their curiosity by creating an array of multidisciplinary projects.

In skills classes like Math and Spanish, students develop their own “textbook” that serves a resource that they can use to advance vocabulary, concept, and skill retention. In project-based classes like Human Ecology, Community Action, Creativity Workshop and Independent Study, projects are designed to integrate history, science, the social sciences, art, technology, design, literature, and writing into a rich academic experience with hands-on and real world components. Students are active creators and learn to engage the material, demonstrating understanding and apply new skills with more than a simple pen and paper. Sage students’ final products are presented to the community at a variety of community venues including The Sustainability Center, The Liberty Theatre, The Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Magic Lantern Cinema, and The Community Library. This is a deliberate way to increase student motivation and accountability and create a format for discussion and feedback from experts in the field.