Marshall Frankel Global Education Fund

The Sage School is proud to announce the creation of the Marshall Frankel Global Education Fund. The Marshall Frankel Foundation has generously committed $20,000 a year over the next five years in order to provide a lasting gift to The Sage School’s Field Studies Program.

Marshall Frankel was a visionary, a man long ahead of his time. During the 1950s, when most Americans were content watching “Father Knows Best” and were locked in by the fears of McCarthyism, Marshall Frankel began an international trading business that would take him to 5 continents, have him learn 5 languages, and open trading relations for America in China, Iran, and Central America. He was a pioneer of the global economy, understood the world’s interdependent nature, and was later honored by, and served for, Presidents Carter and Reagan.

Nearly 50 years before Apple Computers encouraged us to “Think Different,” Marshall Frankel encouraged his employees to “Think International.” His approach to international business was based on relationships- his approach was to go into the field often, learn the language and culture of the local people, understand their needs, and then work to serve those needs. At home, Marshall Frankel was a fantastic philanthropist, a wonderful supporter of the arts, and someone who sought to bring the international view to America. He was a true Renaissance Man.

The Sage School also fervently believes in the importance of relationships, service, and learning in the field. The Field Studies Program is designed to explore the people, places, and resources of our local and global environment. The Program includes everything from day-long outings in our neighborhood to a three week cultural immersion trip for our seniors in Ecuador. The Field Studies curriculum is designed as a series of experiences that enmeshes students in the human and natural environment, that helps students understand the details of the world around them, that helps students to appreciate the intricacies of their internal landscape, that maintains their inherent curiosity and wonder, and that develops active and engaged citizens. Goals that are in alignment with the values that Marshall Frankel lived.

Thus, the Marshall Frankel Global Education Fund has been formed to provide operational support and to help build an endowment to secure students’ opportunities to learn abroad, and live in the field. The donors give in hopes that other foundations and individuals will give to the Field Studies program at The Sage School. The Sage School’s goal is to raise at least $500,000 to permanently endow the Field Studies program. Bex Wilkinson and her family give this gift to The Sage School in memory of her father, and for the welfare of our World, in hopes that every student will be able to experience international perspectives, global citizenship, and service to others. Ms. Wilkinson also gives this gift in deepest gratitude to the school for embracing her son, Travis, and giving him the opportunity to learn intellectually, socially, emotionally, and globally.

We only hope that we may live up to the memory of Mr. Frankel.