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School Registration Forms – Return by August 17, 2018

Download and complete each form and mail or deliver to the school by August 17th. Please do not email!
Note: Please include a copy of your insurance card!

Waivers, Acknowledgements, and Agreements

Student Health & Emergency Forms

Note: All New Students and Rising 7th Graders must provide PROOF OF IMMUNIZATIONS (or EXEMPTION FORM as applicable). New Students COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  • Prescription Medication form (Note: Return only if applicable—Please DO NOT submit blank forms. IMPORTANT: A doctor’s signature is required, so plan accordingly to have completed by the deadline. This form will be required for any student needing Rx medication dispensed on field trips or during school hours).
  • Non-Prescription Medication form (Note: Return this form only if you would allow school staff to administer, at the request of the student, commonly available medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Benadryl, or other common non-prescription medications for headaches, cramps, allergies, and the like. Please DO NOT submit a blank form if this is not an option you wish to authorize. If we do not have this form, we will not provide any medication to your child).
  • Emergency Authorization/Medical History form – Download PDF

Optional: Food for Your Child

  • Jersey Girl Credit Card Authorization Form (If you’d like to authorize purchase of Jersey Girl lunch once a week).
  • Pizza Friday Money: If your child would like to participate in our “Pizza Friday” program, please include a check for a pizza punch card in one of the following denominations:
    $42 for a twenty-eight slice punch card
    $84 for a fifty-six slice punch card
    $126 for an eighty-four slicer (enough for the whole year!)
    $12 per week for Gluten-Free Pizza (purchase however many weeks’ worth needed).
  • KBs Credit Card Authorization Form


Note: Other bands’ forms and trip itineraries will be available at the end of the month

Printable 1-Page Calendar