School Lunch Orders

Daily Lunch: Mon - Fri

The Sage School kitchen offers a "Daily Lunch" option five days a week so students can get a bowl of hot soup or Lavash wrap whenever they need.

Daily Lunch Credit

Soups planned for week of 4/8-4/12

  • Mon - Kitchen is Closed
  • Tues - Kitchen is Closed
  • Wed - Tomato Soup
  • Thurs - Beef Chili & Chicken White Bean Chili
  • Fri - Leftover Soups
Pre-orders for Daily Lunch are not necessary. Students can pay with cash or blocks of credit which you can purchase here or below.

From: $10.00

Blocks of Credit

Purchase blocks of credit for use in The Sage School kitchen. This can be for your child’s daily sustenance, or you can contribute to a general fund that supports healthy eating for both teachers and students in need.

Kids Lunch Donation

Your donation will go into a collective pool to support kids in need for daily lunch and school snacks.

From: $25.00

Sage Kitchen Credit

Use these blocks of credit to pay off your student's IOU balance or pre-pay for snacks and lunches for their day at school. We will keep track of your orders and let you know when your kitchen balance requires further funding. *** It is still necessary to pre-order specialty lunches via the website. There is an option to pay with credit or cash ***

From: $25.00

Teacher Lunch Fund

Your donation goes into a general pool to provide teacher lunches.

  • $10 - One Lunch
  • $50 - Week of Lunches
  • $200 - Month of Lunches

From: $10.00


Phone: 208.788.0120


1810 Quigley Farm Rd.
Hailey, Idaho 83333

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