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A COVID-19 Announcement from the Sage community

During this time of crisis and challenge, we at The Sage School are wishing everyone health and wellbeing.

These times clarify one’s values and priorities. Like all of you, we are spending much time with our families and also planning and pondering the many potential futures that emerge from this historical point forward- both as individuals and as a collective.

One thing remains clear to us: a Sage School education is the right sort of education to give our students the skills to face into these unknown futures. We believe that kids learn best in community, that kids need to connect to their local environment, that learning should be hands on and applicable to the real world, and that it should be meaningful- and fun. All of these aspects give kids hope, give kids access to the range of skills and talents that they need to fully inhabit their own humanity. Times like these help us see how we spend our days, and how those days add into and become our lives. Our kids are ready to learn, ready to work, ready to serve. We need to give them those realities and practice in those realities.

The Sage School is creating as responsive and appropriate daily experiences for our students as we can, given the fact that we are all currently isolated from each other. As always, our design starts with the students at the center. We have shifted our online ‘start time’ to allow adolescents to tap into their later circadian rhythms. Our kids will maintain the curriculum they would otherwise be doing- building ancient inventions, studying the biology of birds in our local ecosystem, studying the interactions that our local food systems create, and building their own futures with outside (digital) mentors and guides. They will, however, be doing all of this from home rather than together at school (or beyond).

This is the work humans have been doing for millennia. It is the work that we need to be doing now, and we will still be doing for millennia to come. It is not ‘kids in rows’ with worksheets or just creating digital worksheets- we were never meant to learn that way. Our students are our greatest asset, and we are working hard to adapt to these times and build meaningful ways for them to understand themselves, their community, and the world around them that takes the best elements of our digital connectedness, and preserves our humanity at the same time.

We will get through this. We don’t know what the future looks like, but we will face it together. We do know the future needs us to be our best- compassionate, be of service, and be ready to engage in meaningful work. We will soon (?) return to the classroom, return to serving our community, return to friends in the halls, math classes together, to field studies in the region. For now, however, we go forward, knowing that the work our kids are doing today is right, appropriate, and meaningful. So it is in the classroom; so it is under quarantine.

Our wishes for everyone’s health- physical, mental, and emotional- continue to guide us forward.

Be well.

The Sage School is a grades 6-12 independent school located in the Wood River Valley of Central Idaho, primarily serving the communities of Blaine County (Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey, Bellevue, and Carey). Founded on a simple premise—How we educate our children determines the fate of our world—The Sage School’s mission is honoring adolescence, and our vision is creating thriving communities.