The Sage Mission

We honor adolescence as a critical developmental window for learning essential academic, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

The Sage School creates a thriving environment for students through a challenging, authentic curriculum centered on human ecology and engaging experiences designed specifically to promote self-awareness, community responsibility, and a sense of place.

Our Vision

To help create sustainable and thriving human and ecological communities.

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The Sage School is coming into its 10th year. Part of the beauty of this milestone is that it is allowing us to ‘lift our head’ and look forward. It allows us to focus a little farther afield and see where we’ve been, as well as where we are going. As part of this arc, Chris McAvoy, one of the founders of Sage and current Assistant Head of School and senior teacher, participated in TEDx Sun Valley this fall. Inspired by students encouraging him to do it, and desirous of ‘boiling down’ the Sage experience into a small video which could still capture the depth of the school, Chris stepped into the fray to tell the story. Of course, Sage is many stories, but hopefully you find this perspective helpful, and maybe even a little uplifting.

Please share the above video. Like it, let others know about it. Here is the link: School founder Chris McAvoy describes how our current, antiquated system of education is failing today's youth, and how we must upgrade that system in o...
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Please join us for our Open House on January 29th or spread the word to anyone who may be interested in learning more about our program. ... See MoreSee Less

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The last session of Wellness for 2018 was a spirited one at The Sage School today. Friday all-school Wellness gave students and faculty a chance to unwind, mix it up, and burn some final calories before the holidays begin. Getting a chance to throw dodgeballs at your teachers is always great way to close out the week. ... See MoreSee Less

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The 10/11 Mock Election was engaging and, at times, quite heated! Over the course of the last month and a half, the students have been busy studying party platforms, writing press releases, managing their party's social media accounts, campaigning for "donations", creating advertisements, running press briefings, and debating our country's top issues. The entire school has voted and the results are in. The Green Party took the Senate seat! ... See MoreSee Less

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10/11 students toured the current exhibit at The Center in Sun Valley, We the People: Protest and Patriotism. This was a perfect way to wrap up our trimester on The American Idea in which students studied our country's founding documents, government structure, and political system. ... See MoreSee Less

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