As we move into the final trimester of this year, we are starting to look ahead to next year.

Currently, The Sage School is looking for a Greenhouse Manager. This person is responsible for maintaining the greenhouse as a production garden while designing and coordinating student groups to work and learn in the space. Responsibilities for this position are throughout the entire year.

Ultimately, anyone working at The Sage School has a variety of roles. In general, we are looking for the following (this is paraphrased from Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans):

  • People who are interested in connecting their Worldviews with their Lifeviews
  • People who believe that good work emerges from exercising and employing their signature strengths
  • People with high integrity, the capacity to learn quickly, and high intrinsic motivation
  • People who want to work with adolescents and adolescence

People interested in the Greenhouse Manager position should send an email inquiry with “Greenhouse Manager Position” in the subject line to or call (208) 788-0120. These are also the points of contact for general employment inquiries, for those interested in visiting the school, or for anyone interested in volunteering.

We appreciate your interest.