School Registration Forms – Return by Aug 12, 2022*

*All registration forms and agreements must be turned in before a student can attend school

1. All New Students and Rising 7th and 12th Graders

Print & Return if applicable – Please do not email!
Please provide PROOF OF IMMUNIZATIONS (or EXEMPTION FORM as applicable).
Idaho School Immunization Requirements Exemption Form – English | Español


2. All Students and Parents:

Read the Family Handbook

3. All Students:

Waivers, Acknowledgements, and Agreements

4. All Students:

Print & Return – Please do not email!

  • 🚑 Emergency Authorization/Medical History Form
  • 💊 Prescription Medication Form
    Note: This form is only required for any student needing Rx medication dispensed on field trips or during school hours. If this is not the case you can skip this form. IMPORTANT: A doctor’s signature is required, so plan accordingly to have completed by the deadline.
  • 🩺 Non-Prescription Medication Form
    Note: This form authorizes school staff to administer, at the request of the student, commonly available medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Benadryl, or other common non-prescription medications for headaches, cramps, allergies, and the like.
    Please DO NOT submit a blank form. If this is not an option you wish to authorize please return the form with your wishes that you DO NOT authorize the staff to administer Non- Prescription Medications.

5. More information coming from your teachers and the school about field studies, permission forms, and parent information evenings.

Additional Permission Forms

Note: NOT required for registration. Required as needed

The following forms are required only for students who opt to pursue an Independent Study instead of signing up for a Creativity Workshop. Details of implementing an Independent Study are described in the “Independent Study Proposal Checklist.” Please be sure that students read these documents thoroughly.

Activity-Specific Driving Permission Forms for Student(s) to Drive Off-Campus

Older students who opt to drive themselves to medical appointments or independent study project locations during school hours must have parental permission to do so. Occasionally, students in grades 10, 11, and 12 may have class projects that require transportation to off-campus locations during school hours. The following forms provide parental permission for students to drive themselves, alone or with another student, or to be a passenger with another student for school-related activities. You may wait until the scenario presents itself before completing any of these forms.

**Please note there are two forms (one to drive and one to ride with another student)**

🚙 Driving Permission – Human Ecology
Permission to Ride – Human Ecology

🚘 Driving Permission – Community Action
Permission to Ride – Community Action

Additional Information

📑 Printable 1-Page Calendar


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