A place where students thrive and the power and promise of the school fully emerge.

The Quigley Campaign allows The Sage School to fully realize the new campus as the center of our students’ journey by ensuring financial stability for our:


Place Matters. The physical space where school happens reflects the values of the school and provides students with an experience rooted in a sense of place.

This aspect of the campaign:

  • Supports The Sage School’s integrated education approach
  • Integrates the school into the community
  • Provides access to an abundant outdoor campus
  • Creates a shared resource for the broader community


Students and staff are at the center of The Sage School experience. This part of the Quigley Campaign will ensure equitable student access and honor and enrich our dedicated teachers and staff.

Student Access: Education should be diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

The Quigley Campaign expands student access:

  • By making the school accessible to all students we increase diversity and create a school with a wider range or perspectives 
  • By supporting the Flexible Tuition model, which allows tuition to be set on an individual family basis, removing the primary barrier to access to The Sage School
    • Over $2 million in financial assistance to local families
    • 47% of students utilize the Flexible Tuition model
    • 20% of The Sage School’s annual operating budget supports our tuition program


At the heart of The Sage School is the relationship between students and teachers.

This part of the Quigley Campaign will:

  • Develop robust compensation and wellness packages
  • Keep faculty healthy and housed
  • Offer continuing education and development opportunities


Our programs provide direct experiences for students to learn concepts and skills that are applicable now and in the future.  The Quigley Campaign supports the stability and longevity of our unique and vital curriculum.

This feature of the campaign supports:

  • Field studies to provide each student with as much as 5 full weeks of hands-on experience in the field every year
  • Community Action allowing students to understand who they are through work with community groups and organizations
  • Creativity Workshops that tap into our network of local talent to explore new subjects and pursue topics and skills of interest.


You can help fulfill the promise of The Sage School. Donate to the Quigley Campaign to support the people, programs, and place that creates the Sage Experience.



Phone: 208.788.0120


1810 Quigley Farm Rd.
Hailey, Idaho 83333

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